Pushmataha County Homecoming cancelled

Staff Writer

Over the past weeks, many residents of Pushmataha County have been concerned, and confused, by false reports of COVID-19 cases in Pushmataha County and surrounding areas.
According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s website, Pushmataha County now has one confirmed case of COVID-19 located in the Rattan area.
As Oklahoma begins their reopening phases, local government and organizations are showing some hesitation and are taking the steps they feel are necessary to keep the people of Pushmataha County safe.
The Pushmataha County Chamber of Commerce announced on their facebook page that the 2020 Pushmataha County Homecoming Parade, and festivities, have been cancelled for this year.
Pushmataha County residents have shown mixed emotions and opinions over this action. Some people support the decision, some are expressing sadness over the cancellation, and some are angry.
Many residents are stating that they feel this is not a logical decision at this stage and that they hope the Chamber will reconsider the cancellation, not only for the enjoyment of the county, but also for our local businesses and the revenue they would normally receive during the weekend long celebration.