Just wait until next year!

Antlers freshmen basketball players Garrett Brame and Carmen Broomfield, two of several up and coming young stars for the Bearcats, are sure to play key roles in the next few years for their teams.
Wes Haddox
Sports Correspondent

Well folks, high school basketball season in Push. County, Oklahoma, has officially came and gone once again. The same as it has for who knows how long (and no, I’m not that old so don’t ask me exactly how long). There are some who are probably glad to see it gone and then are those, like myself, who are already looking forward to this November when it will tip-off once again.

Those who will miss it the most are usually this year’s seniors and their parents/grandparents. Playing your last ever high school basketball game can be a heartbreaking time in a young person’s life but they will recover and move on. For those who participate in spring sports, the transition happens more quickly and easily than those who do not. While this can be a difficult time for some student athletes, it can easily be an even more difficult time for their parents and grandparents. Because they begin to realize that prom and graduation will soon be here and the last 18 years of trying to help their child become an adult is now completed.

But, as the old saying goes, “Life must go on!” In this case, “High school basketball will go on.” Seniors move on to college, careers, and start families while there are freshmen and 8th graders who are standing in line waiting to take their place. I watched all eight county high school basketball teams (4 boys and 4 girls teams) several times this year and I can safely say the future is bright for each one of them. Although seniors will be missed, the youth that are waiting in line to fill their shoes are ready and quite capable.

To the seniors and their parents who now move on to another chapter of their lives, we appreciate you allowing us to share the last four years with you. As we supported you and watched you compete, you gave us many proud moments that will not soon be forgotten.

To the young athletes and their parents who will start this exciting adventure next year, the three or four years you participate in high school athletics will come and go before you know it. Enjoy it while you can. Give it everything you’ve got. But if you want the next few years to be filled with wins on the scoreboard, start now, as in today. The old saying “The early bird gets the worm” can be altered and applied here like this, “The team that prepares the most and the hardest will most often get the wins.” So to the young Bearcats, Bulldogs, Rams, and Tigers out there, if you want to be the star of the show someday, your chance is here. It’s time to step up. It probably won’t be given to you, so earn it. Tomorrow’s success will happen because of today’s preparation. I can’t wait until next year!