Gov. Stitt signs Constitutional Carry into Law

Staff Writer

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2597 yesterday to establish Constitutional Carry in the state. The law goes into effect on Nov. 1st.

The bill allows adults to "openly carry firearms without a background check or training." It applies to those at least 21 years old or 18 and in the military.

Under the bill, you cannot carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun into public or private schools, private or public sporting arenas, gambling facilities, government buildings, private businesses (unless allowed by owner).

The bill maintains current law - you must pass a background check to purchase a firearm; you must disclose a firearm in your possession to law enforcement when requested; convicted felons cannot own or buy a firearm; and gun owners can still obtain licenses in Oklahoma if desired with reciprocity recognized in multiple states across the nation.

A similar bill was passed by the legislature last year but was vetoed by former Gov. Mary Fallin.