Gardner Grocery promotes healthy living

Staff Writer

Gardner Grocery in Antlers has recently undergone changes to make healthy shopping easier for its customers. Store owner James Gardner and produce manager Lynda Rich have recently implemented signage throughout the store to point the way towards healthier options. Colorful produce signage also encourages fresh fruit and vegetable consumption to meet the daily recommendation of 5 servings per day, as well as educating customers on which key nutrients are provided through their produce selections. Linda recognizes the important role that retail plays in the health of Oklahomans and is dedicated to making her customers healthy shopping experience enjoyable and the easy option. Linda recently partnered with OSU Extension of Pushmataha County and the TSET Healthy Living Program in Pushmataha County to host a healthy food expo. During the expo, store patrons could stop by for a freshly made smoothie, have a drink of fruit infused water, and pick up healthy recipes in which all ingredients could be found during their shopping trip. Stop by on June 1st for the next healthy food expo, hosted by Pushmataha County OSU Extension office, which will include samples and recipes for homemade mango salsa!