Gabby does it again!

Wes Haddox

In last week’s edition of the Antlers American we introduced you to Gabby, a 9 year old pig showman extraordinaire. If you read all of her accomplishments, you may have thought, “What else can this young lady do?” Well, three days later she took her talent, and her pig Princess, to Oklahoma City to the State Fair of Oklahoma and showed us what else she can do.
In Oklahoma City, showmanship awards are divided into age divisions. The divisions range from age 9 up through age 19 with a champion showman crowned in each age division. With approximately 110 showmen entered in of all the divisions, bringing home first place may have seemed out of reach to a little 9 year girl from Darwin, Oklahoma, but I guess someone forgot to tell that to Gabby. In her age group there were 17 entered. The quality and quantity of showmen in the age group didn’t phase Gabby as she entered the ring with her normal confidence and poise and was soon crowned State Champion Showman in the 9 year old division. A champion was then crowned in each of the other age divisions and then all the champions were brought back into the ring to compete for Overall Champion Showman. With 11 Champion Showmen in the ring, one in each age group, Gabby was awarded Overall Reserve Champion, an impressive accomplishment for being the youngest showman in the ring.
When asked if she was a little nervous about being in the Big Ring against the best showmen in the state, Gabby replied, “YES, because I didn’t think that I could beat the older kids but turns out I can. So it wasn’t that big of a deal after all!” When the showmanship competition was completed, Gabby wasn’t finished. She went on to finish 2nd place in her class with her Yorkshire and 3rd place with her cross.
Despite her amazing accomplishments at the State Fair, Gabby was most thrilled about meeting country music super star Miranda Lambert. I asked Gabby how she got to meet Miranda and take a picture with her and she said, “Her sister asked me if I wanted to take a picture with Miranda, so of course I said yes!” Translation: Miranda Lambert wanted a picture with Gabby! Yea, she’s kind of a big deal. Gabby continued, “Miranda told me that she hopes that she gets to win one of those belt buckles someday.” Well, Gabby has several so maybe she can loan Miranda Lambert a buckle or two.
Next up for Gabby will be the Tulsa State Fair which will be held on September 28 and 29 in Tulsa. Good luck Gabby!