Funeral director arrested, liens placed on business

Shasta Herman
Staff Writer

Antlers funeral director, Thomas Burkhart, was arrested and now faces drug possession charges following law enforcement's search of his residence.
The Pushmataha County Sheriff's Office arrested Burkhart after finding marijuana and methamphetamine in his home. Burkhart's bond was set at $3,000.00 and he is now facing misdemeanor drug charges.
This arrest comes only weeks after the Oklahoma Tax Commission put two separate liens against Burkhart Funeral Services for unpaid taxes. In September residence of the area may have noticed bright yellow signs on the doors of Burkhart Funeral Services on Antlers. This was a notice from the Oklahoma Tax Commission that liens were being placed against the business for delinquent taxes to the State.
According to documents received from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, Burkhart owes $16,223.57 in unpaid taxes. This includes $14,529.57 in sales tax that has been collected by the business but has not been received by the State, and $1,694 in wage tax that was not withheld. The liens together total $18,561.54 to be paid to the State. 
Other agencies have also been contacted, but will not comment at this time.
"I cannot comment or give a statement on any ongoing investigation or complaint," stated Chris Ferguson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Funeral Board.