Election Board closes three polling places

Staff Writer

The Pushmataha County Election Board, after gaining approval from the State, has officially closed three Pushmataha County polling locations. The locations that have been closed are the Miller Community Center, Honobia Community Center and Tuskahoma Schools. Voters assigned to these locations have been assigned to new locations and new voter registration cards are being issued.
This decision came after much consideration, a special board meeting and staying in close contact with the State Election Board. Due to poor local economy and consistently low voter turnout and the before mentioned locations, the Pushmataha County Election Board determined it was in the best interest of the County to consolidate the polling locations. And in turn, will save tax dollars that can be better utilized elsewhere.
According to the Election Board, these three precincts lead the others in low registered voter turnout per election. And just this year, two of them had no one show up for two different elections.
By consolidating these precincts it will save the County, School or City (whoever is holding the election) an average of $1,000 per election. In 2018 alone, we have had five (5) elections. If these consolidations had taken effect on January 1, 2018, it would have saved the county roughly $5,800.00.
The State mandates that three precinct officials be on duty at each location during every election in-which that area is allowed to vote, and that they are paid a set minimum and mileage.
For all elections after January 1, 2019, Miller precinct voters will vote in the Antlers Community Room; Honobia voters will go to the Nashoba School; and Tuskahoma will now go to Clayton Community Center. To accommodate the larger number of registered voters in the Clayton area, that polling place has been moved from City Hall to the Lacy Van Horn Clayton Community Center.