City of Antlers places Proposition on ballot

Tracy Steffenson

Along with voting on state, congressional and local candidates in this midterm election; along with state questions, residents of Antlers will also be voting on a Proposition set forth by the City of Antlers to allow or deny PSO from keeping the franchise of the City of Antlers for an additional 25 years.
The Proposition reads as follows:
"PROPOSITION - An ordinance granting to Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) the right, privilege and non-exclusive franchise for 25 years to build, equip, maintain, extend, own and operate a system for the manufacture, transmission, distribution, sale and control of electricity and communications circuits for itself and others in, under, over, across, through and along any and all of the present and future streets, alleys, avenues, ways and other public places and grounds within the limits of the City of Antlers, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma,; and granting PSO the right to operate an electric business pursuant to reasonable rules and regulations by the OKlahoma Corporation Commission; with POSO agreeing to charge legal rates for such electric service; and, if possible, to sell and deliver to the City all electricity and services requested by it; providing for payment to the City by PSO of a monthly fee on gross receipts from the delivery and sale of electricity; and providing for the repeal of conflicting ordinances and declaring an emergency.
In short, passing this proposition would allow PSO to continue business as usual and supply the City of Antlers with power - with PSO being responsible for keeping the service going, expanding the service as needed and paying fees and taxes to the City.
PSO has been providing the electricity that powers Antlers' homes and businesses since the 1920's (about 95 years). A yes vote on November 6th would allow them to keep the PSO electric franchise in Antlers for another 25 years.