Elections results are in!

Tracy Steffenson

The 2016 General Election is now over, residents have cast their votes, ballots have been counted and winners declared. Below are the unofficial results of the election. Standings become official on Friday, November 11, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. if not contested.
Two big races took place in Pushmataha County this year, the Sheriff and County Commissioner of District 2.
B.J. Hedgecock (D) came out on top in the Pushmataha County Sheriff race with 62.17% of the votes, 2,781 total votes; Jim Scott (I) received 18.69% (829 votes) and James Marzek (R) received 18.60% (825 votes).
“ I would like to thank everyone who vote and supported me throughout my campaign. I am proud to say we ran a clean race throughout the election cycle. I promise the people of Pushmataha County that I will give you 110% of my time and energy as I move on to become your sheriff. Thank you again for your support,” stated BJ Hedgecock.
Brad Burgett took the County Commissioner of District 2 race with a total of 57.99% (809); and Ken Clagg received 42.01% (586).
For State Representative of District 19, Justin JJ Humphrey (R) took the win with a total of 52.46% of the vote, James Albert Campbell (D) had 35.45%, and Morgan Hopson (I) received 12.09%.
For State Senator of District 5 - Joseph Silk (R) took the nod with 57.17% of the vote over Stacey Ebert (D) with 42.83%.
For U.S. State Representative District - Markwayne Mullin (R) took 70.62% of the vote, Joshua Harris-Till (D) received 23.19%, and John McCarthy (I) totaled 6.19% of the votes.
For U.S. Senator - James Lankford (R) took the win with 67.95% of the votes. Robert Murphy (L) received 2.98%, Mike Workman (D) received 24.40%, Mark Beard (I) received 1.90% and Sean Braddy (I) relieved 2.78%.
Retention of Judges on the ballot - All judges listed on the ballot retained their seats.
State Question 776 (Death Penalty) - 66.50% For the proposal.
State Question 777 (Agriculture) - 60.15% Against the proposal.
State Question 779 (Education Funding Tax) - 59.61% Against the proposal.
State Question 780 (Law Enforcement) - 58.00% for the proposal.
State Question 781 (Criminal Rehabilitation) - 55.96% For the proposal.
State Question 790 (Religion & the State) - 57.08% Against the proposal.
State Question 792 (Alcohol) - 65.46% For the proposal.
In the President and Vice President race, Donald Trump and Michael Pence (R) pulled 65.60% of the votes in Oklahoma. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (D) received 28.67% and Gary Johnson and Bill Weld (L) relieved 5.73%.